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A Mighty Wind (2003) disc 1





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  1. The Steinbloom Saga
  2. The Folksmen (Old Joe's Place)
  3. Main Street origins (The Good Book Song)
  4. Mitch & Mickey (When You're Next to Me, A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow)
  5. The New Main Street Singers (Just That Kinda Day)
  6. Mitch arrives
  7. Beginnings
  8. First Rehearsal
  9. Sissy Knox
  10. HiClass Management
  11. Lars and Jonathan
  12. Tuning up (Skeletons of Quinto)
  13. Witches
  14. Moby Dick (Loco Man, Fare Away, A Kiss at the End of the Raibow)
  15. We're professionals
  16. Flashbacks
  17. The toast
  18. Concert day
  19. Before showtime
  20. Wanderin' (Never Did No Wanderin')
  21. Potato's in the Paddy Wagon
  22. Missing (Eat at Joe's)
  23. Where's Mitch (Barnyard Symphony)
  24. A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow
  25. A Mighty Wind
  26. The Supreme Folk
  27. I'm a musician again (The Catheter Song)
  28. End Credits (Old Joe's Place, When You're Next to Me, the Good Book Song)
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