Blu-ray (Blu-Ray)

2017 4K

Source File Description TypeSegment Map Length Size
00800.mpls Allied MainMovie800 2:04:35 32.5 GB
00250.m2ts Story of Allied Extra250 0:05:13 818.4 MB
01064.m2ts From Stages to the Sahara: THe Production Design of Allied Extra1064 0:10:10 1.5 GB
01065.m2ts Through the Lens: Directing With Robert Zemeckis Extra1065 0:08:49 1.3 GB
01066.m2ts A Stitch in Time: The Costumes of Allied Extra1066 0:08:40 1.3 GB
01067.m2ts 'Til Death Do Us Part: Max and Marianne Extra1067 0:05:52 921.5 MB
01068.m2ts Guys and Gals: The Ensemble Cast Extra1068 0:05:22 841.1 MB
01069.m2ts Lights, Pixels, Action! The Visual Effects of Allied Extra1069 0:09:33 1.4 GB
01070.m2ts Behind the Wheel: The Vehicles of Allied Extra1070 0:03:30 548.7 MB
01071.m2ts Locked and Loaded: The Weapons of Allied Extra1071 0:03:35 562.5 MB
01072.m2ts That Swingin' Sound: The Music of Allied Extra1072 0:07:06 1.0 GB
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