International Cut (Blu-Ray)

Collector's Edition 4K

Source File Description TypeSegment Map Length Size
01001.mpls Army of Darkness (International Cut) MainMovie2 1:28:51 27.0 GB
01002.mpls Storyboards Extra7 0:07:37 99.3 MB
01003.mpls Army of Darkness (Television Version) MainMovie3 1:33:03 7.4 GB
01005.mpls Still Galleries with Rare Behind-The-Scenes Photos Extra5 0:28:16 1.2 GB
01006.mpls Still Gallery of Props and Rare Photos Extra6 0:04:05 191.4 MB
00004.m2ts International Theatrical Trailer Trailer4 0:02:08 355.9 MB
00008.m2ts The Men Behind The Army Extra8 0:18:58 3.0 GB
00009.m2ts Special Thanks Extra9 0:00:50 17.6 MB
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